Welcome to our new website!

We wanted to create an online community with our customers and supporters. We have seen Sahara go through many changes dating from the 90s to present day. By creating an online space to connect to you, we can continue to grow together as well as document our styles and transformations. You can connect to us through our site by asking any questions and expressing any concerns and/or thoughts. Through our blog, you will also have a way to be up to date on latest trends, thoughts and events. We hope to be able to learn what our customers are seeking from their favourite local designers and how we can work together to produce styles that reach out you. You can also now browse our collections and shop online. Our “Save A Paw” tab also elaborates and documents our fashion for a cause journey and you can find ways to contribute as well. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter for updates from us you can also do so in our “About Us” tab. We hope through our website you will enjoy watching our creative process and that we also cater to our supporters. So stay connected to us and stay tuned for more to come :)

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