Going Local.

The main focus of The Sahara Collection is to be a company and brand that stay local. In light of all the glory that the internet and globalization have brought to our world, local businesses pay a price. Often forgotten, local brands and businesses are pillars to economies. There are many reason to go local.

1. Create more job opportunities: By supporting local brands and businesses you are not only helping better the economy but you are also creating more job opportunities for youth, women and families in need of finding work.

2. Staying unique: Independant designers will always be creating unique styles that are hard to find at commercial stores. By going local you're wearing unique pieces personally designed by individuals behind the brand.

3. Storytelling: Local brands and businesses always tell a unique story on how and why they were founded. They pay homage to cultural heritages and stories that they seek to represent through their designs and brand.

4. Creativity and innovation: Local businesses and brands often get inspired with their local communities, crafts and resources. Through that inspiration, a lot of creativity emerges. Also, local businesses thereby become examples for other emerging brands and businesses thereby strengthening unity and dialogue within communities.

It's important to know how and who your clothes are made and by going local you are getting personal while making a difference.

Zeina SabryComment